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What is Roboscholar?

We created Roboscholar to help tech enthusiasts to learn faster and more efficiently.

“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” 

― Aristotle

Roboscholar is an online learning platform with tutorials such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++, Python, Java, and most importantly Robotics and micro-controller.

Initially we thought to create a robotics based website, but then we realized for Robotics our learners need other skills as well. So, alongside developing tutorials for robotics we are making other tutorials as well so that everyone can learn everything.

Many of us feel frustrated while looking out for a good collection of tutorials or practicing platform. We have tried to provide well written, well thought, and well-explained solutions as well as an example of these problems. We have tried to provide simple code

 explanations and straight-forward learning.

Roboscholar tutorials are Free

We believe in Education for all. Roboscholar is a completely free learning platform. We are dedicated to spreading knowledge to everyone Indeed many of us are not interested to learn with money. So on this platform, they can learn without paying any money. So never stop learning. Do visit our website, earn some knowledge, and implement it for the welfare of mankind.

Roboscholar Forum

Roboscholar provides an opportunity to open your own ID. By using your own Id you will be able to ask or answer any type of question which is related to science and technology. Moreover, many of us continuously face various problems during the learning process. Sometimes they lost their momentum and became depressed without getting the proper solution to their problems.They will be able to find their problems proper solutions in this forum.

Whenever you stuck in any problem don’t feel hesitate to post your problem in our forum. You will be notified shortly by the experts.


Roboscholar future Vision

Technology is becoming advanced day by day. So we are not  stuck at a particular point. Roboscholar is committed to providing some tremendous tutorials such as Advanced Robotics, Machine learning, AI, Nanotechnology in the Future. We are working hard to enrich our portal with various tutorials and info.

If you have any query regrading Site, Advertisement and any other issue, please feel free to contact at [email protected] or click CONTACT US below.